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Word: Wang Yajun tune: Young An

<Yu Yan English Translation>

I take a stroll to this lively street sun a little expose to the sun me to be tired
Strange recently I liked garrulously being garrulous ?but think I DON ' T CARE
I stand in front of the laughter, anger, sorrow, and happiness read my next picture
I want to take risk no matter more than group dangerous NA ~ ~ ~ ~
I anticipated the fairy tale love actually does not think such absolute
For me big hug any language I DON ' T CARE
I must wholly absorbed realize every one day or the academic society to kill the time
Flies high makes I specially NA ~ ~ ~ ~
I only then discover the dream and the reality difference
Goes against the wind to let oneself experience each feeling
Is the fable bursts into tears on the picture joyfully has looked this day
I want to pursue track down the perfect world
I also must fly very much Gao Henyuan in mine world my freedom
Kan Ba De Ne did not fear does not retrocede
Closes both eyes to permit a wish
Bravely cannot break to pieces to the front dream


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