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( Ambrose Hsu )

< machine-translated >

The love is a psychological knot is not everybody may solve
Does not have the good fortune the person or bursts into tears how
with every effort
When to the person appeared has exchanged pardon
Layer on layer the concern opened no longer had intertwines
You are my cape paradise give me another piece of world
The metropolis jungle crowded constrains looks at the horizon
We because misunderstand stubbornly are enduring the pain farewell
Missing wants to hide was actually regretted for detected

Likes you thinking you determined does not care about all
So long as ordinary has you also to change specially
We once pursued the fond dream each self-propelled too to be far
Actually not once was not familiar with you in the side

When we finally confess the heart suspend in front of each other
Becomes lost the love returns to the side


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