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Word/tune: Deep white

[Na Han]

I stand wilderness which takes a broad view not records
Looks the place the completely day before edge could not see
I waited for passes through the infinite time
Felt all recollections revolve revolve my side
I also remembered initially once and you walked together
This place calmly lies down nearby each other body
Looks the moon waits for the sun I to say henceforth
This heart cannot have other direction again you also to pledge
Grips tightly my both hands is not putting however the present
Your I pass through how much time changes to rotate the same place
Actually has exchanged the dissimilar picture
Now ?? only has my dismal call in the sky
Ho-hi-yian Ho-hi-yian Ho-hi-yian Ho-hi-yian
The clear sky court attendant day is deep blue
My heart good dark cold wind blows nearby mine ear blows enables me to hear
Hears you to say the pledge already vanished in this wilderness
The cold wind blows a wrinkle piece of water surface to awaken the deep sleep time
Indistinctly saw your appearance only is the look already changes


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