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To Hear The Moonlight

Word: Yao Relong tune: Pan Xieqing

The love is the wholly absorbed world other all neglects
Could not give a thought to the danger to look at you as soon as to develop weaves forever
Once heard not not free of evil intention likes certainly actually having the naive profile
But I rather own see the rumor is only the rumor
I like in the sea do not have the direction my love to embark
You have not actually spoken silent enough to hear the moonlight
I not lonelily discard any for you so long as you do not put
Batters the cut and bruised love this brave crazy to be not crazy
I not lonelily one day to turn the froth
The memory can change to makes the spray not to be able to finish the feelings in the white sand beach
Has a mind the person passes through can hear the touching moonlight


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