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Love For Adventure

Words: Yan Xixuan Music: Li Tianlong

(Love around the world)
(Love around the world )
Love around the the world acid sour and sweet is sweet
(Love around the world)

The loose skinned orange gallic acid sour and sweet is sweet is the love taste
Aspic flower electric discharge honeybee acceleration flying
The pitch sparkles the deity which shines quickly evaporates loves
Quickly jumps in the sea to ambush the waiting porpoise appearance
Traveling around world palpitation spread
2 Hearts So sweet happily infects the world
Traveling around the the world love is a cloudless day
Every day the Sunrise love likes marvelous feeling lalala hey YA ~
Swallows the day to swallow goes forward the beautiful horizon
Said who likes your fearing who I amn't the coward
Happy New Year Happy Birthday I all want you to appear
With is joyful when the background pats most High the picture
The Earth is a basketball revolves in your fingertip
The joyful double wing sadly has steadily been unable to intercept
Fortunately secretly discovered likes letting the person lose sleep every night
The throat greatly shouts to flush Agen like realizing
Love ~ Traveling around the world Love the ~ acid sour and sweet is sweet
Love ~ should be so sweet Boys and girls Hey ~
Stops sweeping the floor all to pay attention to the life the significance
One two the three love person has the prospect
Has spread out the map each position
I plant ?? the happy seed for you
Heh heh hey
(Wants you to appear really likes take rising oh to want you to appear really likes take rising)


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